Posted by: Wasrag | September 8, 2010

Solicitation for Task Force Members for Wasrag Education/ Training Task Force

This is a solicitation for fellow Wasrag members to join the Education/ Training Task Force whose role it will be to translate and integrate technical content from the Wasrag Guidance Document and from other identified priorities within the task forces of Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Health.  The end products for use will be the development of audio-visual learning tools or “guidance videos” to be posted on the Wasrag website, (perhaps additionally on You Tube), as enhancements to training for Rotary Clubs.  The format of these educational videos should demonstrate how the processes are enacted, what constitutes a complete and sustainable project, and the sequential steps necessary towards reaching the desired outcomes for a water, sanitation and hygiene project.  These videos will be translated into myriad languages and potentially be utilized by Rotary Clubs where access to enhanced technical resources and/or training materials for water, sanitation and hygiene projects is limited.

To this end, Education and Training Task Force members are encouraged to have the following skill sets:

  • Ability to understand scientific and technical content materials and translate them  into video script materials appropriate  for various levels of  literacy and comprehension,
  • Ability to write clearly and simply concerning process, program and  project demonstrations specific to water, sanitation and hygiene products, materials and processes,
  • Television or film production development and application to media based platforms,
  • Cultural sensitivity in development of scripts and video materials that respects both ethnic, gender based -cultural traditions, practices and religions.

The nature of this task force in Wasrag is one of integration of existing materials and ideas. If you are a person who can work well with raw materials and create something new, exciting and innovative which can then be applied in different learning environments, YOU belong on the Wasrag Educational and Training Task Force.

Hope you will consider signing up. Please email with EDUCATION in the subject line.

Ms. Mel Bromberg MCPH

Wasrag Education/Training Task Force Team Leader



  1. Hello Again, Mel
    We corresponded last Spring after Ron Denham’s suggestion you and I work together. My silence since then has been the result of unexpected chinks in my living arrangements, extensive travel and family (happy) obligations . All the above have been resolved.
    I have several of the ‘skill sets’ stated above and would like to be part of the Task Force for Wasrag Education/ Training.
    I can send you my updated CV if your would like and specific information on my skills and experience relative to the Task Force.
    I look forward to being part of this Task Force and to working with you.
    Rheba Adolph

  2. I wold love to be a volunteer washrag volunteer and offer my services as Education /Training and Translator (Spanish/English)

    My best to Ron Derham, who I had the honor to share the podium at a District Conference in La Cross, Wi D6250 in May of 2009.

    Carlos O. Rioja
    RC La Molina Vieja
    D4450, Lima, Peru

  3. Hello Mel,

    First, congratulations for embarking this task force. I’m happy to see that you’re emphasizing “sustainability” of projects. I can not agree with you more! And it is important that Rotary members understand that principle for the meaningful outcomes of their projects.

    I’d like to send you my résumé to see if I have skill sets that you’re looking for. I’m a new Rotary member, and I attended Rotary convention in Montréal past June. There, I joined WASRAG.

    I’d like to hear little more details about the history and the plans of your Task Force Team. Please tell me how you’d like me to send my résumé to you (file format, attachment? etc).

    Best regards,

    Helen Ashraf
    Carbondale, IL

  4. Dear Rtn Don.
    Iam interested in joinning the Team.My
    Club is Kyambogo District 9200
    PHF Sizoomu George

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