Posted by: Wasrag | September 8, 2010

Welcome to our Education Team Chair

Wasrag is pleased to announce that Ms. Ellyn “Mel” Bromberg MCPH has joined our Technical Team as Chair of the Education team.

Ms. Bromberg is the principal of WaterSHED International LLC. and has Masters’ Degrees in Community Planning, Public/Environmental Health Science. She brings more than 25 years of experience to WaterSHED International LLC with emphasis on world water quality and quantity issues, drinking water, sanitation and hygiene.

WaterSHED International L.L.C. is a consulting development assistance company for water, sanitation health and hygiene education for Southern countries around the world. In the USA, WaterSHED International LLC provides educational training for Aquatics Directors and their staffs of water parks pools and spas. The training emphasizes collaborative pool and patron hygiene with the goal of preventing pool closures and water-related illnesses.

WaterSHED International LLC was created to meet needs for global sustainability of water resources. The company’s purpose is to improve global access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) resources under Goal 7, Target 10 of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UNMDG’s).

Ms. Bromberg served as a United States Department of Agriculture Extension Specialist at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in drinking water and health issues from 1993-2000. From 2002-2008, she was a National Institute of Environmental Health Science Program Coordinator for the Science Education Partnership Award Program under the Marine and Freshwater Biomedical Sciences Center at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Bromberg has published over 30 water related peer reviewed monographs, and articles for trade journals. She has taught in both pre-college and college classrooms, has appeared on local and national public affairs and television news shows, and was a panelist on world water issues for public issues forums. As a Delegate to the 2006 IV World Water Forum in Mexico, Bromberg represented the Midwestern United States.

On an international level, Bromberg has been instrumental in the development of The Rotary Foundation proposals for the countries of Nepal and Nigeria. Each proposal focused on access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene within schools and communities. Mel has been involved with Wasrag since its inception in 2007, and is now developing a technical support team and training materials in the area of education.

Involved with climate change adaptation via integrated watershed resource management, Bromberg helps countries plan for disaster-based mitigation and remediation of water resources. Recently she spoke to a world affairs seminar composed of high school students at a themed conference called “The Global Freshwater Challenge”. Her talk was entitled “Will Your Country be Here in 2050?”  She was a delegate to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change or Global Climate Change conference in Copenhagen and intersected with many international water organizations there including Global Water Partnership, The Holland Climate House run by the Netherlands Insitute of Knowledge for Climate Change, and Stockholm International Water Institute or SIWI.

She is an active member of the American Water Works Association, and the Wisconsin Water Association (formerly Water for People). Additionally, Bromberg serves on the Board of Directors of the League of Women Voters as the International Relations Committee Board Liaison for the Milwaukee chapter; also, she is a member of her local Millennium Development Goals Committee of the United Nations Association.


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