Posted by: Wasrag | November 24, 2010

Water Institute, UNC, and Wasrag Enter Strategic Agreement

The University of North Carolina Water Institute and the Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group have agreed to a Strategic Partnership to plan, develop and field test a program that will assist Rotary Clubs to implement their WASH program throughout the more than 200 countries and geographic regions in which Rotary Clubs currently operate.  The primary focus of this agreement is to review the current best practices in project mapping, needs assessment, community leadership for project tracking and then to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of sustainable WASH projects.

Wasrag will provide the organizational leadership in the field.  UNC-Water Institute will develop the monitoring and tracking tools and parameters to measure success.  The two organizations will work together with country and village leaders to develop and test the alternative methodologies and field tools to implement the selected programs.  The two organizations will jointly seek additional financial and organizational support from others to achieve the shared objectives.

This agreement has been conceptually agreed to and the plan for implementation will be more fully defined in joint meetings in 2010, and the first part of 2011.  Subject to funding support and staff resources, the Wasrag Summit lV in May 2011 in New Orleans will be the target date to involve Rotarian’s and Regional Team leaders in testing and refining the proposed program prior to full field testing in the last half of 2011.


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