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Ideas for World Water Day – March 22, 2011

Water is a basic requirement for life, but water resources are under increased pressure world-wide, and access to safe water and effective sanitation still eludes too many.

World Day is a chance to raise awareness, and possibly, to raise funds for water, sanitation, and hygiene education.

Here are some suggestions:

Organize a “Walk for Water”.

Click here to download a guide to organize a school-based walk for water program.

– check out :

In 2010, The World’s Longest Toilet Queue mobilized over 100,000 campaigners in 80 countries to make a stand for sanitation and water for all people, everywhere. Thanks that you were part of this meaningful global event. This year we invite you not to stand… but to walk: From 19-22 March 2011, the World Walks for Water, will YOU too?

Millions of people are forced to walk 6 kilometres every day just to collect water for their basic needs. Billions have no safe place to go to the toilet. The World Walks for Water, a campaign coordinated by the End Water Poverty, Freshwater Action Network, WASH United and WSSCC, aims to raise awareness of this crisis and demands governments to prioritize water and sanitation for all. The walks on World Water Day won’t fundraise, but instead apply political pressure for change as organizers are encouraged to invite local or national politicians to their events, and to lobby them while they attend.

The campaign is gaining momentum, with walks registered in 25 countries already. Ways for YOU to support The World Walks for Water are numerous:

  • Organize a walk in your country and register it here. Your walk should be 6 km in length (either 6 km in total or broken into smaller walks that together make 6 km).
  • If you won’t organize your own walk, check out the online map to find a walk happening near you. Get in touch with the organizer to support it and work together.
  • Join the online walk (takes only a minute!) and encourage your contacts to join it as well.
  • Promote the campaign to your networks and encourage them to use it as a vehicle for national advocacy on sanitation, water and health.

To organize a walk in your country, kindly see Your Guide to The World Walks for Water attached to this email. The guide contains, amongst other useful information, walk tips and a checklist for your walk. For further information and a range of online materials (toolkits, press release templates, posters and policy info sheets by country), please visit


Click here to download a World Water Day “wallpaper” for your personal computer.

At Your Rotary Meeting:  Clubs could do something really simple like charging for a glass of water at their meeting that week and donating the money raised to a water project.

Share your ideas by posting a comment below…



  1. Thanks for your efforts to highlight Water on March 22 Tuesday, but living in Africa why not take it a step further..Try walking and not drinking ANY water for the day and do a self check on you physical condition after…This is what it like for a kid sitting under a tin roof in a packed classroom on a typical day in the dry season..Dehydration..Headaches…Sleepy…Cannot think….Stomach ache…Well you get the picture…Bet those Walking for Water have their bottles or get free ones on the route, but the little kids here get nothing in the morning, and maybe when they get home after walking some distance to the dirty hole, where they drink the water regardless of whats in it….and the beat goes on….day after day….not for 6 KM….Sorry but I see this when we are in the bush and trying to at least get flltered water into the schools and home…and make a Change…Good News, the kids who have access to Biosand filtered water will not drink anyother water but the clean, good tasting filter water…See you in New Orleans…

  2. water is the only source of life .The population is increasing day by day . in this way government should aware the people through advertisement and also the source of medium . peoples aso should use the water and electricity properly . if we , toay save the water than our future will bright for tomorrow .

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