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WASH in Schools across Lebanon: Success but more need.

Saida, 22 November 2011

Dear Fellows in Rotary Clubs in Lebanon and abroad,

In Lebanon, Rotary Clubs have installed water filtration systems in some 120 public schools. Starting in the South where 45 installations were done by Rotary Club Saida in Saida and in the South and some 75 installations were done by other Rotary Clubs in public schools all over Lebanon. Over 1,200 schools need to have the same and this can be done through multiple Water Matching Grants (MGs)! Please help!

Being the Water and Sanitation Committee Chair for the Rotarian year 2011-2012, I started with some clubs to find international sponsors to start applying for MGs to achieve this goal. So far some MGs are being processed by the TRF for payment. We found support from international fellows in Rotary Clubs in Hawaii, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Brookline, Dubai, and other places.

On the other hand, we were able to receive, for the account of Rotary Clubs in Lebanon, the official authorization from the Ministry of Education to install water filters in all public schools in Lebanon.

On the first of July 2009 when the board of Rotary Club Saida adopted the water filtration project for public schools in Saida and the South, we had investigated the drinking water in public schools in the laboratory and found out that the filtration should be mandatory (because of severe water quality issues). Also, the tanks holding drinking water were open to the air and rusted and a normal cleaning process was not going on.

Water filtration has many benefits. It:

-Provides clean fresh water;

-Removes microscopic impurities (dirt, rust, sand, silt) as small as 1 micron;

-Removes bad taste and odors and color;

-Reduces chlorine (found in most municipal systems);

-Inhibits hard water scale, protects equipment from scale and corrosion;

-Eliminates stains on texture and clothing caused by rust in water;

-Extends the life of appliances, faucets and fixtures…

We installed filters, pipes, tanks and pressure faucets. An engraved plaque which recognizes the names of sponsors is put on the site.

This project was recognized by TRF as project-model for all Rotarians in the world.


The Water and Sanitation Country Committee encourages you to be part of this project knowing that the water and sanitation is one of the 6 focuses of interest in Rotary.

If you would like to share a MG project with us to let our kids drink clean water, please let me know as soon as possible.

Thank you

Badreddine Ghazzaoui



  1. Rotary club Beirut Cedars is happy to have participated in 2011-12 in the water filtration of Lebanon’s public schools through leading or co-sponsoring MG 75697 ($25K), 75993 (20K), 76232 (17+K), 76153 (11+K), 76365 (12+K), 76524 (12+K), 76466 (30K), 76554 (15K), 76839 (12+K), with 4 more MG in the pipeline (90K) with the help of D2450, RCs in Lebanon, The Rotary Foundation, International Districts and Rotary clubs

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