Posted by: Wasrag | April 16, 2012

Interesting fundraiser for “Adopt-A-School”

News Release  04/12/12
Subject: East Liverpool Rotarians & City Sweep
For Immediate Release


East Liverpool, OH – On Saturday, April 21 as part of the CitySweep project members of the East Liverpool Rotary Club intend to turn donated household waste materials and scrap metal into money to provide water and sanitation facilities for school children of Africa.  CitySweep is a joint undertaking of the City of East Liverpool with private businesses and organizations to help the community eliminate waste materials that could polute the environment.  There is no charge to residents for disposal of their waste materials on that day between 8 AM and noon at the Heritage-WTI facility on St. George Street in the East End section of the City.

East Liverpool Rotarians will be assisting with the collection of waste materials in several ways.  Rotarian Ray Six of Six Recycling will be collecting recyclable scrap metal that is dropped off at the WTI site.  Residents needing assistancein transporting scrap metal to the site and willing to donate the metal to the Rotary project should call prior to April 21 to schedule a pick-up on Saturday morning.  They are requested to have the material at the curb of their home on Saturday morning between 8 AM and noon.

Persons wishing to dispose of household hazardous waste materials at the Heritage-WTI plant who would like to have items picked up by Rotarians on Saturday morning should call before Friday, April 20.  Rotarian President John Peterka is the Executive Manager of the plant.  Callers should give a brief description and an estimate of the quantity of the items as well as the caller’s phone number, address and directions as necessary.  The phone number for both scrap metal and household waste material is (330) 386-2127.  A message may be left 24 hours a day on the answering machine.  Residents using this service are requested to make a tax deductible donation to Rotary Charities that will be used for the African project.

Rotary Club members will be available to assist Wallover Oil Company Executive Vice President and Rotarian William Cutri with the collection of used motor oil.  Oil delivered to the Heritage plant site during CitySweep will be recycled by Wallover Oil Company

Rotary International is about to complete its worldwide undertaking in cooperation with the United Nations to rid the World of polio.  The project named Polio Plus began in 1985 and the incidence of Polio is almost terminated.  Rotary is now tackling the problem of lack of water and sanitation in third world countries throughout the World.

Three Columbiana County Rotary Clubs joined to provide a school in Tanzania, Africa with sanitation facilities.  The Salem, Calcutta and East Liverpool Clubs will donate $5,300 that will be matched 4:1 by grants from Proctor & Gamble and others, to meet a total cost of $27,900.  This will be used to build sanitation facilities at the Ibihwa Village School in the Bahi District of Tanzania in East Africa.

Total enrollment at the school is 531 students.  The school presently has two pit holes for boys and one pit hole for girls.  There are also 14 teachers without any separate facilities.  The project will provide eight new latrine facilities for boys, twelve for girls and two for teachers and will include hand washing facilities.  Parasite infections are quite prevalent in tropical and subtropical climates.  It has been estimated that adequate latrines can cut such infections in half.  Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world.  It has a population in excess of 44 million people.

Dr. Sarah Smiley, a professor at the Kent State Salem, accompanied KSU nursing students from Colulmbiana County to Tanzania in 2011 to help with sanitary education.  Dr. Smiley plans to return there in 2012 and will report back on the project to the local clubs.  The project will be completed this year under the direction of an international Rotary volunteer group named WASRAG.

Matt Butts is President and John Wise is committee chairman for Salem, Judge David Tobin is President and Rev. Mike Ross is chairman for Calcutta and John Peterka is President and Charles B. Lang is chairman for the East Liverpool Rotary Club.  Salem and Calcutta plan to raise their part of the funds at a later date by sponsoring public food events.


Charles B. Lang, Chairman                                                                                                                                  Tri-State 1st Banc Inc.                                                                                                                                                                                16926 St. Clair Avenue

East Liverpool, OH  43920                                                                                                                                 (330) 385-9200


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