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Since 2008, 18 District 5160 Rotary Clubs have partnered with the Rotary Clubs of Moshi and Mwika, Tanzania and The Rotary Foundation to bring clean water improved sanitation to communities in the Mt. Kilimanjaro region of Northern Tanzania.  With Chico Rotary Club serving as the lead club from District 5160, this collaboration has raised $363,952 through 2 Matching Grants, one club-to-club grant and 2 Global Grants.  Now in Phase V, these funds have supported:

  • Construction of 5 large school-based rainwater harvesting/storage systems.
  • Construction of 3 large rainwater harvesting/storage systems at a rural teachers college.
  • Construction of water trunk lines, storage tanks, water pumps, water taps, kitchen installations, and hygiene facilities at 36 other schools.
  • A Masai community water system, including water treatment, near a polluted lake.
  • Construction of 4 public toilets along public roads.
  • Marketing of up to 75 household rainwater harvesting systems and 75 household bio-sand filters through a women’s micro-finance program.
  • Planting of 95,000 seedlings on Mt. Kilimanjaro near water-bearing springs.
  • Tapping three new springs on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro to increase water supplies to a nearby community.

The impact at the village next to the polluted lake is reflected in this message from Rotarian Sadikiel Kimaro, past president and project leader of the Moshi Rotary Club:  The latest water tests for Nyumba ya Mungu show perfect ‘turbidity’ (clarity) and zero ‘faecal coliform (E. Coli’ bacteria).  The people there remain elated and thankful.  I, too, feel deeply indebted to you all.”


This year, we have expanded our scope beyond clean water and sanitation to also the following:

  • De-worming medications for school children through 4 local clinics.
  • Administrative and pedagogic mentoring of weak schools by strong schools.
  • Launching of small farm extension service, using model village farmers to improve small farm productivity and competitive marketing.
  • Establishment of solar electricity at a rural secondary school where we had previously brought clean water and improved sanitation.
  • Internet access in a rural community

Thus, our clean water and sanitation-related projects have grown to become a multi-focused, multi-club, sustainable program benefitting at least 30,000 students and residents in 5 of the 6 priority areas of The Rotary Foundation: Disease Prevention and Treatment, Water and Sanitation, Maternal and Child Health, Basic Education and Literacy, Economic and Community Development.

A successful Rotary effort of this magnitude is possible only through strong partnerships:

  • Among members of the lead clubs (Chico and Moshi Rotary Clubs)
  • Among collaborating District 5160 clubs
  • With District 5160 and 9200
  • With Moshi and Mwika Rotary Clubs
  • With contractor partners
  • With The Rotary Foundation
  • With local recipient communities

As we plan Phase VI, we welcome other Rotary club partners either in District 5160 or elsewhere.   For more details on this clean water, sanitation, and community development program, see our new website:, including an inspiring 10-minute video on the home page. Or send an e-mail to


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