Posted by: Wasrag | August 26, 2012

Circuit Riders for Rotary in Honduras

In the last 10 years, with help from TRF grants, Rotary clubs in Honduras have done over 130 WaSH projects worth nearly $5 million US Dollars.  So, Honduras Wasrag Team Leader and District 4250 Water Chairman, Tony Medina, wondered “what is their current condition?” Is each functioning as designed? Did it meet the community’s needs? Is it in good repair?  Does the community need other work now?

To find out, as collaborators, District 4250, Wasrag, and the Millennium Water Alliance have agreed to conduct a pilot program for circuit riders to survey and report on a good portion of the projects. And Rotarians in Honduras believe this type of regular measurement and maintenance of systems should be designed into future WaSH projects done by Rotary in Honduras. And perhaps other countries.

Honduras Rotarians ask for your club and district financial support for this Rotary pilot program.  Learn how this collaboration came together, and why. 

Many Rotary clubs do not follow a project for many years later.  How can we know our good work is sustainable?  Is it time that all Rotary WaSH projects should meet national and world standards at the start – and be measurable and maintained well into the future?  If a hamlet or village doesn’t have the capacity to measure or maintain a project, then a trained circuit rider technician can do so at a modest cost to each village; which is then built into the small tariffs the people pay their community water committee or Rotary Community Corps.

The Millennium Water Alliance, a coalition of nonprofit water agencies,  in collaboration  with  Associacion Hondurena de Juntas Adminstradores de Sistema de Agua [AHJASA]  join  efforts to do the work.  Guidelines and survey questions were jointly developed by MWA and the Honduras Regional Team, with input by Wasrag. Rafael Callejas, Executive Director of MWA said: “This survey developed with Rotary is some of the best we have done to date in our Circuit Rider program. When we jointly evaluate this first round of villages, we will take the lessons learned to further improve it.  We enjoy working with the Honduras Rotarians and Wasrag.”

Rotary District Governor Andre Lopez believes this may be the most important water-related project in the last ten years for District 4250; and the survey & investigation is a new way to do water projects around the Rotary world. When it proves successful, he looks forward to expanding it throughout Honduras, then also Guatemala and Belize.

You can read the Rotary-MWA memorandum of understanding, and for further information contact Wasrag Team Leader for Honduras, Tony Medina.


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