Posted by: Wasrag | August 20, 2013

Wasrag’s Website – Finding a Project!

If you’re looking for a WASH project, one of the best places to start is Wasrag’s website. If you haven’t visited it yet, we urge you to do so. We’ll focus on various features of the site in upcoming issues of the newsletter. Here we’ll help you navigate the project search feature.

Go to and click on the “Projects” menu, then scroll down the Project Search tool. If you are interested in a specific country, click on the “country” field. Just remember that the more fields you check, the fewer projects will match your search. If you just want to search for all available projects, don’t enter any fields. Just scroll to the bottom and click on “Search” to see a list of all the projects in the database. The most recently posted project will be at the bottom of the list.

The projects listing include projects going back several years. In the near future, as the new features in RI’s newly launched website start to gain traction, Wasrag’s project listings will be archived. Bear in mind that many WASH projects are not eligible for Matching Grants. Wasrag’s site helps you find projects not found on the RI site.



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