Posted by: Wasrag | August 21, 2013

PPP Team brings clean water to Papua New Guinea (PNG)

The new Wasrag/TRF Project Enhancement Process is already improving the quality of life for the Mt Hagen Rotary Club and the families living in the area surrounding the Madan Plantation. Only five months after the PPP Team visited in April, two “Early Start Projects” designed to bring clean water, access to improved sanitation facilities, and an elementary school level curriculum on health and hygiene are ready to start at two schools. The project will include a demonstration project for the surrounding villages for their own homes.
District 9600 in PNG is one of the Pilot Districts selected by TRF for the PEP program. The PPP team included three Wasrag WASH professionals:  Bob Wubbena, Phil McFarlane and Bill Chapman. Also on-board were Dr Larrry Hull, MD also a Wasrag member from the International Sponsoring Club of Centralia WA (District 5020) and five members of the Mt Hagen Rotary Club. Togther they formed the nucleus of the PNG Rotary Regional WASH Team to undertake the 10-day Needs Assessment and develop a Plan of Action.
The PPP Team, working with the Rotary Regional Team, reviewed the pre-trip survey of 35 schools and related health clinic surveys of the existing water, sanitation and health related needs of the Madan Plantation area. The area covers about 20 square miles with 35 schools and a population of 8,000. Meetings with village and tribal leaders, school teachers, head masters, and government officials were used to outline a plan of action for the Mt Hagen Rotary Regional Team and the community.
The Madan Coffee and Tea Plantation, a social business that has already sponsored a health clinic and a women’s literacy program, offered to provide management oversight at no cost for the initial community-wide WASH program. This will serve many schools and three living compounds (informal villages) where up to seven different tribes live to be close to the coffee plantations and vegetable fields that provide most of the employment opportunities.
The PPP Team recognizedthe importance of early success to encourage full community support for the WASH program. With 35 schools all needing essentially the same improvements related to water and sanitation, a record of little structural maintenance or strong community leadership and a history of violence amongst tribes and against women, the chances for a successful WASH program were both immediate and challenging.
The PPP Team chose to outline a strategy of Early Start projects to demonstrate what could be done with limited funds and good community leadership. This was would then lead into larger regional projects that would benefit both the schools and the villages through out the whole 20 square mile area.
The Centralia WA Rotary Club under the leadership of President Barbara Greatwood, and Project leader Lance Fletcher took up the leadership challenge. The entire Rotary Club agreed to become the International Sponsor and immediately set out to raise funds for the Early Start Project. A Matching Grant from District 5020 resulted in an initial $20,000 fund for the Early Start work to begin quickly.  A larger Global Grant Application and fund raising effort with many more clubs and districts is now underway. The initial Global Grant will fund the Madan Plantation Rainwater Harvesting Projects that will proved clean water to the three compounds, sanitation facilities, showers and clothes washing stations at a community center. The Community Centers will then serve as a part of the health education, literacy and financial training programs lead by the Rotary Regional Teams Community Based Health Care experts.
What began as a PEP Pilot in PNG, has launched into an anticipated model program for use throughout the entire Mt Hagen area of PNG.
The project is documented in detail on the Wasrag website at:
Please Contact Lance Fletcher at the Centralia WA Rotary Club if your club would like to participate in this major new initiative by Wasrag/TRF Imageand the Mt Hagen Rotary Regional Team.

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