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Rotary District 1290 WASH program Celebrated

Following our visit in February 2014 we were able to see for ourselves how much progress had been made in implementing our Rotary Global Grant Wash Project, by the Rotary clubs of Masaka and Kaliziso , how lives were being changed ,the hope and joy it was bringing to young and old. There is hope for a better future after so many broken promises from governments where the money simply ran out, yet Rotary is delivering.

Pic1Seven protected wells have been constructed – the water is clean and proving so popular that people are coming from other villages. Under Rotary guidance local village committees have been formed to ensure proper usage and to collect small monthly sums from users to pay for maintenance of the pump .

The elderly are revered in the community and find it difficult to fetch water for themselves.  40 rainwater tanks are being built for the elderly and infirm.  In this picture granny is looking after 4 children whose parents have died of AIDS or malaria.  The tank is now filling and so freeing her grandchildren from fetching heavy jerry cans of water so enabling them to go to school..  Note the thatch on the tank, put there to protect the top from the pic2sun whilst it is drying.

The other problem the Project addressed was latrines for the elderly.   Ugandan Government rules required that we provided 2 stances, boys and girls, and a bathroom. We had originally expected and budgeted for the community to do the construction of the tanks and latrines and were surprised to discover that they lacked the skills. The local Rotary clubs arranged for masons to be specially trained and apprenticed to approved contractors. The result being that the masons have been promised further work after the project is finished.

pic3The letting of contracts, and control and supervision of teach contract is under the close supervision of Rotarian Josephine, a fully qualified accountant and member of Kaliziso, and the contracts committee formed from members of both Masaka and Kaliziso Rotary clubs.

The DEW has drilled a borehole in each community and we are to supply the reservoir tanks, 10 kiosks and the connecting pipework.   The kiosks will be sited wherever there are 100 houses within half a kilometre of the kiosks.  Water will cost 50UGS for 20 litres, just over 1p, of which 20UGS goes to the seller and 30UGS for repair and maintenance, thus ensuring the life of the system

Economic empowerment has been a key element of the project.  .Uganda has just experienced 7 months of drought and even the better off have had to sell livestock at rock bottom prices because there was no fodder. In future people will be able to  plant crops in the dry season and this, combined with improved marketing will enable them to get better prices for their produce.  Rotarians are working with 2 charities FSD and MADDO to train groups in better farming methods, irrigation and marketing. Thus it is hoped that the people in these groups will be able to lift themselves out of poverty and develop viable businesses. We made it very clear that whilst Rotary had provided clean water and training there would be no hand outs  and the future lay in their hands. .

This project has achieved so much more than its initial objectives.  It has created a level of cooperation between the communities, the different levels of local government, DWE and Rotary which did not exist previously which has greatly assisted the understanding of the problems and their solution.

The Project has attracted support from many quarters but special thanks are due to Richard Lander School, Truro and the Basil Tanner Trust for their contributions which equalled a quarter of the total raised.

The contribution of all Rotarians in this District has been very significant.  Their money paid in District to Foundation over the past 4 years has been returned to this project and has tripled the amount of £35,000 raised by RC Falmouth and 11 other clubs in this District to £122500 .  TRF added a further £17,500.   The people of Bukomansimbi and Kamuzinda give you their grateful thanks.

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  1. Congratulations

    What are your plans for post project monitoring to determine sustainability.
    Mark Reimers

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