Posted by: Wasrag | September 28, 2014

Kakau Daji Village, Kaduna State, Nigeria

A routine visit by members of the Rotary Club of Kakuri – Kaduna, Nigeria, District 9125 to Kakau Daji, a small rural settlement that is located along the new eastern bypass of Kaduna Metropolis reveals it poor state of water and sanitary condition. Kakau Daji is approximately 6km from Sabon Tasha, and can be reached by road through Sabon Tasha – Angwan Gimbiya – Angwan Barde – Juji and across the new eastern bypass road that is under construction.

The village is having a population of over 2500 people that are predominantly farmers and local cattle pasturage. 80% of this population are women and children. The village is made up of three cluster settlements that are closely merged with each cluster having over 850 people within, and the population comprises of indigenous Gbagyi speaking people and a few Fulani settlements around the outskirts. It is accessible via an improved motorable laterite access road, though in not too good condition from Sabon Tasha or from the new Kaduna eastern bypass.

It is worrisome that this village has no good water and sanitary system in place, and no access to clean drinking water supply source and handling of human wastes.




This is the most desirous basic and immediate amenity that the community need. They community presently rely on dug wells that have limited life span due to the nature of the soil in the area that is mostly loose and hence collapses after a few years from the bottom of the well. It should be noted that the village has no pipe borne water or motorised borehole schemes for it water sourcing, as they rely solely on hand dug wells and the water channel streams around the village.

Therefore, the idea of constructing boreholes within the community is important, as it would greatly assist the inhabitants in improving their wellbeing and sanitary condition. It is in the light of this that the Rotary Club of Kakuri-Kaduna, District 9125 Nigeria, came to the aid of the community by constructing 1nr hand operated borehole that presently service a part of the village. There is need for construction of more boreholes to this community and Rotary club of Kakuri-Kaduna welcome partner – in – service to achieve this. If you are interested or want more information please contact Rotarian Timothy Daniel or Rotn. Olorunfemi Michael Kayode



  1. very sorry for the problem just distance is a brock for us we could do alot to that village we have very cheap prices than anybody else and I would request you to call one of our team member to train those village s on how to drill their own borehole s using manual drilling method called shipo and how to construct good toilet s it is very cheap and the conditions of those village s can improve our link is

    On 9/28/14, Wasrag (Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group) Blog

    • Thanks for your comment. We will be interested in this if we know the cost implication

  2. Initially with help from rotary funding we could alleviate some of the problems related to water collection and hygiene.

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