Posted by: Wasrag | September 28, 2014

Public Pay and Use Toilet Raises Awareness of Rotary

KMC Leaders inaugurate the project funded by Rotary Club of Calcutta in presence of over 150 inhabitants.






This is a very highly populated market area in the heart of Kolkata that badly needed public toilets. It is expected that more than 1000 men and women a day will be using this Pay and Use Toilet facilities.

Dr. Partha Pratim Hazari, Member Mayor-in-Council of KMC stated that this set of pay and use of Toilet is first of its kind in the area and he thanked Rotary Club of Calcutta, and in particular our Immediate Past President Rtn. Haladhar Dey, Saumen Ray and their team for this project. He also stated that the area needs many more toilets like this one for better health and hygiene of the public. He also outlined KMC’s Bastee Development project and approached the Rotary President Rtn. Ritwik Gupta for cooperation. Shown below is the inaugural function led by Dr. Partha Pratim Hazari.

Use3 Use2


Immediate Past President Rtn. Haladhar Dey was asked to address the audience. He stated that Water and Sanitation is on the top of the Agenda of Rotary International and Rtn. Saumen Ray is the club’s representative in the international committee as a Director. Rotary Club is not a Club but an association of like -minded leaders from various professions dedicated to providing social services. The Club will be celebrating its centenary year in 2019. We have worked with Government and Government agencies many a times and influenced the government on major projects, latest being the bio-toilets on Trains, initiated by Rtn Saumen Ray. KMC, now, is no exception.


Shri Sadhan Saha, Chairman of KMC Borough 2, addressed audience and conveyed his sincere thanks to Rotary Club of Calcutta for this noble social project. He appealed to the local community for assisting KMC to maintain the facilities and promoting its use to its fullest benefit. Shri Swapan Samaddar, Member Mayor-in-Council praised this initiative of setting up one of the most useful services for the community in an area which is visited by hundreds and hundreds of people a day. He expressed his sincere thanks to Shri Debasish Chatterjee of KMC and his team as well as the entire team of Rotary Club of Calcutta without whose support this project would not have been possible. Seen below are Shree Swapan Samaddar, Shri Sadhan Saha, and IPP Rtn Haladhar Dey inaugurating the project.


Team of Rotarians present at the inauguration ceremony included President Ritwik Gupta, Hony Secretary Shantanu Deb Mookerjea, Immediate Past President Haladhar Dey, Dr. Amal Chakravarty, Dr. Debnath Chattopadhyay, Kamal Nandy, Co-Chair Community Service Atindra Nath Sen, and Chair Community Service Saumen Ray.

Next projects that are being considered by KMC include Pay and Use toilets at Dr. B C Roy Children Hospital, R G Kar medical College, Pratap Chandra Memorial Homeopathic Hospital, and Puja Pandels. KMC has proposed to Rotary for full or part funding of some these projects. Can we do it with your help?

  • Saumen Ray, Chair Community Service, RCC and Environment

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