Posted by: Wasrag | September 29, 2015

Rotary builds protected springs in Kenya.

Lack of clean drinking water is a main health problem in the rural areas in south western Kenya. The incidence of water born infectious diseases is high.
Since 2005 six Rotary Clubs in district 2360 in Sweden and Rotary Doctors Organization has worked with a project called “Protected Springs in Kenya”. The Rotary Clubs are Lilla Edet RC, Ljungskile RC, Orust RC, Trollhattan Starkodder RC, Uddevalla RC and Uddevalla Skansen RC.
The Rotary Clubs have raised the money needed and Rotary Doctors have done all the work in the field with help of the nurses and doctors working in their health service program. Two Kenyan nurses have been responsible for selection of suitable water holes to be protected. They have made agreements with the local entrepreneures, got permissions from the authorities and land owners and followed the work on the spot. They also have educated the villagers in hygiene and spring care. The villagers have contributed with manual work. One Year after protection, the two nurses have revisited the village to assure that the function of the spring is good and that the spring protection committee of the village has done their job properly.
A natural spring, or water hole, is dug out. The pit is filled with stones and gravel. Then it is covered by a plastic sheet in turn covered by earth and planted with bushes to prevent erosion. In front of this filter is built a concrete wall through which an iron pipe leads the water to the tap point. A concrete stairway leads down to the tap point. There is no valve on the pipe. The excessive water is led away through a ditch. The area around the spring is fenced with barbed wire to prevent animal to pollute the place. This spring water has not been in contact with the air and is free from contamination proven by bacteriologic tests.
Spring in PochoThirty nine springs in 39 villages in this area have been protected through the years. This means that approximately 50 000 people including pupils in three primary schools have got easy access to clean drinking water. The cost for these 39 springs have been approximately 500 000 SEK (=around 62 000 USD). The money has been raised by the members of the six Rotary Clubs. Generous contributions have also been made by district 2360, Rotary Doctors and Rotary U-foundation in Sweden.
The clean drinking water has had a positive effect on the general health of the people, with lower incidence of water born infectious diseases. It has also resulted in better working conditions for the women. The goal is to continue with protection of springs in Kenya at a rate of at least six per Year.
The Project Group for “Protected Springs in Kenya”
Bengt Frisk
Project leader



  1. This sounds like a wonderful project. We are also working on water projects in SW Kenya and would like to contact the Swedish clubs to see how we an cooperate. Can someone give me the contact information for Bengt Frisk? Peter Lattey Downtown Los Angeles RC

  2. The contact information for Bengt Frisk is:
    Mobile: +46 73 53 999 88

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