Posted by: Wasrag | November 22, 2015

Helping Hospital after Tsunami

The Solomon Islands are located east of Papua New Guinea and North-East of Australia. In April 2007, the islands experienced an 8.0 magnitude earthquake, followed by a tsunami.

After the tsunami, the septic system of the Helena Goldie Hospital  was compromised causing the septic tanks to overflow on the hospital grounds and directly into the ocean, creating a very unhealthy situation.

excavatorThe Rotary Club of Burnside coordinated a multi-club project to upgrade the sanitation system at the hospital. The club was recognized with the Civic Improvement Award at the South Australian Premier’s Awards Luncheon for the project.

The Helena Goldie Hospital is in Munda, which is located on the island of New Georgia. Patients come by canoe for treatment at the hospital.

The plumbing fittings, drainage sumps, rolls of Geofabrics and some toolsdrainage 1 were donated. Pipe and trench drains were purchased. All the materials were loaded into a shipping container and sent to Munda.

Members of the Mackay North club went in advance of the majority of the work crew to ensure the unloading of the container and arrange for the excavator to do the trenching and back filling.  

The construction of the septic drainage system took 12 days for the over 20 Rotary members from the Burnside and Mackay North clubs and the seven Tambaka students who assisted. The $40,000 project was completed with $20,000 due to donated materials, equipment and volunteer labor.

connectorsTwo old artillery shells discovered during the trenching added some excitement and delays  to the project.

The new septic drainage system was connected to the existing septic tanks by distribution sumps. The system now allows the output from the septic tanks to flow through the new drainage system to be soaked up by a tree plantation that was planted over the drainage site.




  1. This was a very good Project undertaken by these two Rotary Clubs!! They certainly needed a little help after that Tsunami, which, luckily, was not as bad in that area as around Gizo in the West. You did a great job!!! We have done everything we can to get it sorted out now, and the main things to work on now, are the Schools and Medical Centers where they need Water, and, or Sanitation, and, of course, books!!! If you are looking for a Project in a much needed area, please contact me through WASRAG, I have a school where they don’t have any water, and only one toilet, and no books at all!! Kind Regards, Trevor Taylor

    Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2015 21:17:59 +0000 To:

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