Posted by: Wasrag | November 30, 2015

First Rotary WASH e-Club

With support from WASRAG, a new Rotary e-club is being established with a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene focus. Founded by District 9980 (New Zealand), the new club is seeking charter members from around the world. Rapidly advancing technology means that meetings can be held online and the WASH focus will extend to the new club’s speakers as well as its projects.

eclub washWhy join an e-club?  It could be right for you, if you:
–  Have a busy schedule and need a flexible meeting time.
–  Live in different places throughout the year.
–  Travel frequently.
–  Have limited mobility
–  Live in an area without a nearby Rotary club.

Or, if you can’t attend your regular club meeting, consider the E-Club as a make-up. We’ll be posting regular bulletins on the E-Club’s progress.

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting new phase of Rotary’s future, please see their website: And, if you are interested in joining drop a line to:
And finally, to learn more about e-clubs in general, go to the RI website Rotary e-clubs




  1. i wish to be part of this club.

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